Seifer Kitchen Design Center won the 2012 Award of Excellence
for Kitchen Design
from the CBRA
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Seifer Kitchen Design Center's design team is focused on providing you the best value at your given budget. With all of the choices out there for materials and design, professional and thoughtful assistance is always available to you at NO additional fee to help make your project the best it can be!

Seifer Kitchen Design Center's philosophy is basic and fail-proof, and has served them well throughout their 7 decades in business:

  • Understand the client’s needs, lifestyle, vision, future planning, etc.
  • Respect the client’s budget.
  • Guide the client toward the wisest options, staying with that client until the project is finished to his or her satisfaction.

Upon making an appointment with Seifer Kitchen Design Center, your Member Services specialist will assign one of our professional designers to you. You'll meet with your designer at our over 6,000 SF design center and showroom, and together, you'll decide which cabinetry brand works best for your personal style and budget. With the cabinetry in mind, you'll work with your designer to develop the floor plan and cabinetry layout that makes the best use of space, and meets all of your "must-haves". Our talented designers will also share their many, many years of expertise to enhance the functionality of your new kitchen or bath project with design elements to truly bring it to life.

And don't worry about accurate measurements, expert measurement services are avilable to measure and photograph your existing space to ensure that the cabinetry you purchase will fit your room dimensions.

Design Meeting from your Home or Office

We offer convenient wasy for our clients to enjoy all of the benefits of a showroom design appointment - without having to leave home or office.

Together, you'll be able to:

  • Discuss your specfiic "must-haves" and "wish list" for your new kitchen and/or bath
  • Review your existing layout
  • Browse through kitchen and bath portfolios to choose your style
  • Browse our cabinetry manufacturers door styles, colors, and finishes
  • Design your new cabinetry layout together, making revisions as you go along
  • See your cabinetry layout in 3D color
  • Much, much more!

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